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John Herchak home movies
Herchak, John Bernard (Creator)
This collection consists of one film donated by the film maker, John Bernard Herchak, showing life onbaord the USS Knox, stationed in the Pacific Theatre of Operations at the end of WWII.
John Bernard Herchak was a naval officer for a number of years, both before and after WWII, eventually retiring from the Navy after 20 years service in 1953 at the rank of Chief Commissary Steward. During his time in the Navy he was decorated many times and received many commendations for outstanding performance of duty, as well as National Defence, American Defence, European Theatre, Asian-Pacific Theatre, Liberation of the Phillippines and Occupation of Japan medals. In 1943, as an experienced naval officer of nearly a decade, he was assigned to the USS Knox, to set sail for the Pacific Theatre of Operations. Before WWII Herchak had served aboard the battleships New York and Texas and during the early years of American involvement in WWII had been assigned to the transport ship USS Chateau Thierry that was involved in the invasions of Africa and Sicily. In 1953, he retired to Charleston, SC where he was assigned at that time. He then became a car salesman for the W.T. Smith Company operating at that time in Charleston. He was married to Mary Herchak and had two children, Mary Agnes and John Alexander Herchak. He died in 2007 and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia but not before donating this home movie to MIRC in 1999. Possibly the only footage of him can be seen in this film, as we believe him to be dressed up as a chaplain for the crossing the line ceremony.
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