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Fredrick C. Adams collection
Adams, Frederick C. (Creator)
This collection consists of home movies shot by Fredrick C. Adams from the 1920s through the 1950s in the Northeast, including Maine, Connecticut, Nova Scotia, and Labrador. The collection totals 11,192 feet of 16mm black-and-white film, 3,014 feet of 16mm color film, and 648 feet of 16mm lenticular color film. Also donated were a handful of objects that can be viewed at MIRC: a Kodascope Model EE 16mm film projector with case; Magazine Ciné-Kodak camera with case and one film magazine; and an AO Review 500 watt slide projector with case.
Portions of this collection may be viewed online; the remainder may be accessed upon request. Additional information about the items in this collection can be found in the MIRC Reference Catalog.
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