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USC Marching Band collection
1959 - 1968
The University of South Carolina Marching Band, also called the "Mighty Sound of the Southeast" or more commonly known as the Carolina Band or the USC Marching Band, has entertained football fans at the University of South Carolina since 1921. This 375-member marching band performs at all South Carolina Gamecocks football games played at Williams-Brice Stadium and most football games outside of Columbia, South Carolina—including bowl games. The University of South Carolina Marching Band entertains fans, serves the community in a variety of service and performance activities, and provides a musical education for thousands of Carolina students. The "Mighty Sound of the Southeast" is an integral part of a pre-game experience culminating in the playing of the "Dawn" section of Also sprach Zarathustra, the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey, as the Gamecocks run onto the field at the start of every game. The style of the Carolina Band can be traced to the appointment of James D. Pritchard as band director in 1959. Though a regimental marching band, Pritchard brought back the majorettes and feature twirlers, who had been absent from the shows of the preceding few years. Pritchard also created the "Coquettes", the official dance team of the marching band and collaborated with then-athletic director and head football coach Paul Dietzel in creating the new school fight song, "The Fighting Gamecocks Lead the Way (Step to the Rear)." The song is still used today.
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