The National Media Literacy Conference collection

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The National Media Literacy Conference collection
This collection consists of 12 video tapes, Hi-8, of the 1st National Media Literacy Conference, held in Boone, NC in September 22-24, 1995. Tapes consist of interviews with the contributors. Tapes are: Tape #1; Tape #2; Tape #3 Barry Duncan and Mike Considine; Tape #4 John Pungente and Elizabeth Thoman; Tape #5 Fran Trampets, Geoff Lealnad and David Buckingham; Tape #6 Chancellor Intro and evening of 22nd sept 1995; Tape #7 David Bianculli and Roderick Hart; Tape #8 Milton Chen and David Bianculli; Tape #9 Renee Hobbs; Tape #10 Milton Chen and Children talking about TV; Tape #11 Fred Garcia; Tape #12 Class no.2 1996
Bianculli, David
Buckingham, David
Chen, Milton
Considine, Mike
Duncan, Barry
Garcia, Fred
Hart, Roderick
Hobbs, Renee
Lealnad, Geoff
Pungente, John
Thoman, Elizabeth
Trampets, Fran
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