University of South Carolina personnel worked with a software development team from Discovery Garden (DG) to create the DVR.


The DVR pilot project is made possible by seed money from the University Libraries (Dean Tom McNally), the College of Arts and Sciences (Dean Mary Anne Fitzpatrick), and the Office of Information Technology (Vice President and CIO Bill Hogue).

Project Managers

Mark Cooper, Mark Leggott (DG), Kirsta Stapelfeldt (DG)

Technical Leads

Martin Dessart, Glenn Bunton, Adam Vessey (DG)

Initial Theme Design

Elizabeth Chiaverini

Metadata Mapping and Forms

Heather Heckman

Pilot Project Design and Oversight

File Format Working Group

Greg Wilsbacher (Chair), Mark Cooper, Benjamin Singleton, Jason Steelman

Metadata Working Group

Douglas King (Chair), Ashley Blewer, Kate Boyd, Mark Cooper, Heather Heckman, Lydia Pappas, Greg Wilsbacher

Storage Layer Planning

Martin Dessart (Lead), Mark Cooper, Randy Heard, Keith Osman, Craig Spurrier, Greg Wilsbacher

User Experience Working Group

Ron Brown (Chair), Elizabeth Chiaverini, Mark Cooper, Craig Spurrier, Jason Steelman

Workflow Working Group

Mark Cooper (Chair), Ashley Blewer, Heather Heckman, Lydia Pappas, Benjamin Singleton, Craig Spurrier, Greg Wilsbacher